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Get Empowered: How Direct Pay Works

It’s always nice when you can get fresh veggies direct from a farmer’s market. When a farmer sells them to a store, and then the store sells them to you, typically you pay more, and they never taste quite as fresh and good. Sometimes it just makes sense to cut out the middle man. That’s exactly how direct pay works.

The program simplifies the health care process by requiring a direct fee for services without the hassles of insurance companies and government subsidies. An end to all the paperwork and back-and-forth insurance battles translates to substantial savings in both time and money—and you reap those benefits!

No more waiting and waiting to be seen. No more financial conflicts. No more feeling rushed through an appointment. Now that’s a fresh idea and a reform worth making. At Jenison Podiatry P.C., the program fits right in with our philosophy of treating our patients with the upmost personal care, right down to the house calls for which Dr. Gene Oosterhouse has become known.

Direct pay enhances the doctor and patient relationship, and we are all for that! We are happy to help empower you to take control of your own decisions, both financial and health related. We offer this added value because we value our patients.

It’s time to take charge. Find out more about how direct pay works by visiting us in Jenison, MI, or by calling Dr. Gene Oosterhouse for an appointment. Just dial (616) 457-7171 or (616) 457-1121. You can also find us online or on Facebook.

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