Direct Pay

Direct Pay: Taking Charge of Your Health Care

Citizens across Michigan are looking for ways to take charge of their own health. Whether it’s changes in lifestyle or a sharper focus on researching medical treatments and care options, you are always your own best advocate. Our Direct Pay program is a step in the right direction as we work to empower you to manage your own health care.

At Jenison Podiatry, P.C., we respect and value our patients. While those words are often spoken, we back them up with action. Answering questions, educating patients, and spending quality time during each appointment are just some of the ways we show we care. Direct Pay is another.

What is Direct Pay?

Direct Pay is exactly what the name suggests; our patients pay us directly for the services we perform, bypassing the exorbitant expenses caused by insurance companies. It’s as simple as that. Because we don’t have large, complex companies and in some cases, the government, standing between us and our patients, we are able to reduce our fees by 40 percent. With significant costly and increasing deductibles and copays, patients often pay more under traditional insurance than with our Direct Pay model.

Direct Pay Allows Us to Practice State-of the-Art Medicine with Old-Fashioned Service and Care

Direct Pay means that, as a patient, you and your doctor are back in charge of your health care. It forgoes the red tape of insurance companies and, most often, saves the patient money. By utilizing a Direct Pay office and physician like ours, patients empower themselves with the decision-making process about their health care. The conversation about their care is truly between their doctor and themselves, with no bureaucracies standing between them. As a physician, it can be a concern for our practice to go to a Direct Pay office model because it is different and there is a risk that patients won’t understand how it benefits them. However, it is more troubling to us to think that insurance companies and bureaucrats are making people’s health care decisions. We are freed from mountains of paperwork and battles with insurance companies concerning coverage and restrictions, and we are now able to use that time to give our patients the care they need and deserve.

You can take back the control and care you desire by giving our office and our Direct Pay program the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Here Are Some Commonly-Asked Questions About Direct Pay:

What about my copay and deductible?

  • Our direct pay policy is structured to be competitive with insurance and designated specialist copays and deductibles.

What about surgery?

  • Dr. Oosterhouse will still perform your surgery. As a Direct Pay physician, he informs the patient of his surgical fee, which includes post-op visits. All decisions are made by the patient and Dr. Oosterhouse. Patients can still have outpatient surgery, because hospitals still accept the patient's insurance. Therefore, the charges that are incurred at the hospital or outpatient surgery center are covered.

Is my Medicare coverage covered elsewhere?

  • Yes, this Direct Pay is just between you and our office. Referrals for further testing e.g. lab work may be covered by your insurance policy.

By utilizing a Direct Pay office, will this cost me more?

  • No, we have reduced our fees by 40 percent, thus making our foot care services more affordable.

At Jenison Podiatry, P.C., your foot care is our top priority. Dr. Gene Oosterhouse and his staff respect your health, your time, and your resources. Direct Pay is just one way that we partner with our patients to ensure that you are in charge of your own health care decisions. If you have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Call (616) 457-7171 to reach us at our Jenison, MI office. We look forward to speaking with you!

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